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15° Tilted Raised Cat Bowl with Base

15° Tilted Raised Cat Bowl with Base

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This bowl is designed to provide your pet with easy access to food and water, while reducing the strain on their neck and spine. The bowl is made of sturdy, food grade plastic material, which is transparent and durable. The base stand is white and has an anti-slip bottom, which prevents the bowl from sliding or tipping over. The bowl has a diameter of 13cm/5.12 inch, which is suitable for small to large cats and dogs.

The best part is that this bowl is very easy to clean. It has a user-friendly separate design, which allows you to detach the bowl from the base and wash it by hand.

Another great feature of this bowl is that it has a 15-degree inclination, which makes it easier for your pet to eat and drink. This angle also helps to promote proper digestion and prevents choking or vomiting. Your pet will love this bowl!

Product Features:
Material: Plastic
Color: Transparent bowl and white base
Size: Diameter 13cm/5.12 inch with anti-slip bottom, making feeding easier for cats
Package includes 1 bowl and 1 base
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