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Cat Bowl 45 ° Tilted Elevated, Various Colors

Cat Bowl 45 ° Tilted Elevated, Various Colors

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The tilted cat food bowl keeps food piled or falls to the center, it helps keep the food from being pushed off the bowl, easy for your cat to eat.

How does this bowl help your cat?

Less vomiting: the elevated cat bowl puts a cat's mouth at a suitable position in relation to its stomach, it helps your cat swallow more easily and alleviates their occasional vomiting.
Better position: Allowing the cat to eat in a more natural neck position. So your cat could sit and eat quite comfortably.
Stable: The stable base is wider, it makes for secure eating without the mess of tipping over. Cutting down drastically on making a mess.

Product Features:
Material: Plastic, strong, durable and perfectly suited to cats
Color: Pink, blue, or green
Dimensions: 13.7cm/5.39"x 13.7cm/5.39" x 11.5cm/4.53"
Package Includes: 1 cat bowl

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