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Festive Cat Christmas Sweater

Festive Cat Christmas Sweater

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Make your cat the star of the holiday season with this adorable Christmas sweater! This sweater is made of soft and cozy knitted material that will keep your cat warm and snug on chilly days. The sweater features a festive design of snowflakes, reindeer and trees in red, white and grey colors. Your cat will look so cute and festive in this sweater, you'll want to take lots of photos and share them with your friends and family! The sweater is easy to put on and take off, and it has a comfortable fit that won't restrict your cat's movement. The sweater comes in different sizes to suit cats of different breeds and weights. To find the right size for your cat, measure its chest and back length and compare them with the size chart below. Remember, if you are cold, your cat is cold too, so don't hesitate to get this sweater for your furry friend!

Product Features:
Material: Knitted material
Color/Design: Red, white and grey
Size: 6-16 (see measurements below)






18 cm/7.1 inches

22-26 cm/8.7-10.2 inches

1.0-1.5 kg/2.2-3.3 lb


21 cm/8.3 inches

25-30 cm/9.8-11.8 inches

1.5-2.5 kg/3.3-5.5 lb


25 cm/9.8 inches

28-33 cm/11.0-13 inches

2.5-3.0 kg/5.5-6.6 lb


30 cm/11.8 inches

32-38 cm/12.6-15 inches

3.0-4.0 kg/6.6-8.8 lb


35 cm/13.8 inches

36-40 cm/14.2-15.7 inches

4.0-7.0 kg/8.8-15.4 lb


42 cm/16.5 inches

40-45 cm/15.7-17.7 inches

7.0-10.0 kg/15.4-22.0 lb

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