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Cat Fleece Socks, Various Cat Colors

Cat Fleece Socks, Various Cat Colors

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Are you a cat lover who wants to show off your feline fandom? Do you wish you could transform your feet into cute and cuddly cat paws? Well, now you can with these amazing fleece cat-themed cat socks! These socks are super soft and comfortable, made from high-quality fleece and elastane that will hug your feet and keep them warm. Whether you're lounging at home, snuggling with your kitty, or heading out for a walk, these socks will make you feel like you have purr-fect paws. Order yours today and get ready to enjoy the cozy and adorable feeling of having cat paws on your feet!

On clearance so get yours while quantities last!

Product Features:
Material: Fleece and elastane
Design: Various cat patterns
Size: Adult

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