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Cat Teaser Fishing Rod-Shaped Toy

Cat Teaser Fishing Rod-Shaped Toy

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If you want to make your cat happy and healthy, you should try these cat wand teasers that look like fishing rods. They are cute and colorful toys that will stimulate your cat's natural instincts to hunt and play. Your cat will have a blast chasing, jumping, and pouncing on these wand teasers for hours. They are also great for exercising your cat and keeping him fit and active. These cat wand teasers are the ideal gift for any cat lover and their furry friend. The color is random, so you can surprise your cat with a different toy every time.

Product Features:
Material: Fishing rod, cloth, and feathers
Size: Approximately 42cm/16.5 in (unfolded 72cm/28.3 in)
Design/Color: Fishing rod-shaped. Color random.
Package included: 1 x Cat Teaser Fishing Rod-Shaped Toy

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