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Food Bowl Cat Tilted Non-Slip, Grey or White

Food Bowl Cat Tilted Non-Slip, Grey or White

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Did you know that elevated cat bowls can help your cat's digestive health? According to some experts, raised cat bowls can reduce bloating and gas in cats by allowing the food to travel more easily from the mouth to the stomach. This can also prevent vomiting and indigestion in some cases. However, if your cat has any gastrointestinal issues, you should always consult your veterinarian first.

If you are looking for a purr-fect cat bowl for your feline friend, you might want to check out this tilted bowl that provides an appropriate height for better food digestion. The bowl is double-sided, so you can choose between two heights depending on your cat's preference. It is also available in grey or white, so you can match it with your home decor. The bowl is made of durable plastic and has a whisker-friendly oval design that makes it easy for your cat to access the food.

Product Features:
Material: Plastic
Size: 12cm x 8cm/4.72in x 3.14in
Design: Tilted 10 degrees. Multifunctional for 2 uses to provide different heights for your cat's needs. Controls the amount of food fed.
Colors available: Grey or white
Care: Hand wash
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