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11 Piece Cat Toy Set

11 Piece Cat Toy Set

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Are you looking for a fun and engaging way to bond with your cat? Look no further than this amazing cat toy set! It has everything you need to keep your kitty entertained and happy for hours. You can use the retractable wand to dangle different feather toys in front of your cat, and watch them go crazy for them! They will love to chase, bite, scratch, and pounce on these colorful and realistic toys. Some of them even have bells that jingle when they move, adding more excitement and stimulation for your cat.

This cat toy set comes with 10 different attachments, so you can switch them up and keep your cat interested. You can choose from feathers, worms, and other styles that mimic natural prey. Your cat will never get bored with these toys, and you will have fun playing with them too. Playing with your cat is a great way to increase their exercise, reduce their weight and improve their health and agility. It also strengthens your bond and makes your cat more affectionate and happy.

Product Features:
Color: Multi-colored
Wand Size/Description: Flexible and retractable cat wand. Length is 14.5 inches/37 cm. The interactive handle of the interactive cat stick is soft and comfortable to hold.
Quality & Safe Materials: Cat interactive toys are made of safe, environmentally friendly, durable, non-toxic plush materials.
The package includes 11 pieces. 1 retractable rod and 10 attachments

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